2. Write





Style and Formatting

  • Please use $ sudo ... for commands requiring root password or root user.
  • Use the names of upstream project and files properly - e.g. Makefile will have capital M.
  • Referencing commands and names of binaries that would be ran in command line should be done using back-ticks ``.
  • Add empty lines before and after headlines and code blocks.
  • Format headlines as normal sentences e.g. About my program called Program, not About My Program Called Program
  • Take a look at Github markdown

To reference a page in this repository, use the full path and replace .md extension to .html:

e.g. to reference /tech/tools/vagrant/vagrant-libvirt.md write [Vagrant with libvirt](/tech/tools/vagrant/vagrant-libvirt.html)

YAML Header

All files need to start with a special YAML header. Please read Documentation / File Structure for more details.